Dear Prospective Client,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Campany Roofing. Campany Roofing is owned by Lido Holdings, Inc. which has established affiliated companies that are all dedicated to serving your roofing, waterproofing, transportation, material distribution and loading, warranty inspection, roof maintenance and repair needs.

Our specific goal is to listen to the roofing needs of our prospective and existing clients, investigate their concerns, and resolve those concerns. We're all about building long term, lasting relationships with our clients.

Since 1993 Campany Roofing has been providing professional roofing counsel to hundreds of satisfied commercial, industrial, and residential clients, many of which may have had the same roofing problems and concerns as you have at this moment.

Clients are treated individually, with the utmost care to address their specific issues in a caring and professional manner.

We have a reputation of providing high quality service to our customer base, and excellent roof installations. We are well known for our unique ability to attack a project and see it through to completion in a very expeditious manner. We believe in getting the job done with the least amount of distruption to our customer.

Please review our list of satisfied clients and professional roofing consultants. Please allow my team of roofing professionals to address your roofing needs and provide you with positive long lasting results on your project.

I am always available to you. Let me show you why we have a well deserved reputation for providing professional solutions, quality installations and service, with superior results.


Jim Newell
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